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Meridian Implementation Fund

About Us

We are a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization affiliated with—but separate from—Meridian Institute.

The Meridian Implementation Fund advocates for legislative action on policies that improve lives, the environment, and the economy. Partnering with diverse partners and experienced lobbyists, we build political support for consensus-based policies developed by groups convened and managed by Meridian Institute.

Our Board Members

Members of the Meridian Implementation Fund Board of Directors are:

  • Todd Barker, President
  • Kauthar Rahman, Vice President
  • Molly Mayo, Secretary

Project Highlights

Meridian Implementation Fund has helped advance policies from agriculture to climate change. Learn more!

U.S. Climate Action Partnership

Meridian convened a groundbreaking coalition of Fortune 500 companies and national environmental organizations—and supported their advocacy to reduce carbon emissions.

AGree Economic and Environmental Risk Coalition

AGree’s Economic and Environmental Risk Coalition is harnessing the power of big data improve farmers’ profitability and environmental outcomes.